Letter to the Editor

Letter to the editor

Friday, January 6, 2006

Courteous motorist helps firefighters with quick, safe response

Dear editor:

I'd like to ask your assistance in thanking a courteous driver for his actions. Recently, the Compton Junction Fire Department was en route to assist Walker firemen at a structure fire.

As we approached the junction of M and OO highways, we met a passenger car coming from the east.

The driver of the car pulled to the right and shut off his driving lights, leaving his parking lights lit. This not only prevented the glare of this headlights from distracting us, it also created a marker, helping us judge the edge of the road in the uneven intersection.

I think all drivers of emergency vehicles would be thrilled if other drivers were half this conscious of their driving habits.

On behalf of all emergency equipment operators, thank you to all the drivers who make our jobs a little safer by giving us just a little extra room.

Thank you.

-- Greg Kepler

Vernon County