The Way it Was

Friday, February 17, 2006

100 years ago

A Missouri bank victimized

SPRINGFIELD, Mo., -- The Holland Banking company was victimized this week by a man who gave his name as A.L. Chambers, who secured $1,600 on a worthless certified check for $1,850. Chambers came to this city Monday. He hunted out J.B. Dixion, real estate dealer, and told him he wished to buy a store room. Mr. Dixion showed him several, and one was selected. He then introduced Chambers at the Holland bank, where he deposited the certified check for $1,850. The check was taken from a letter signed by J.A. Sutton, Carmen, Okla., who stated that the check was the amount secured from the sale of property belonging to Mr. Chambers in Carmen. Tuesday morning Mr. Chambers drew $1,600 from the Holland bank.

An answer stated that there was no deposits to Mr. Chambers credit and that J.A. Sutton was not known there. Chambers has disappeared.

50 years ago

Shortage of food in Europe

LONDON -- Europe, counting at least 611 dead from its worst winter of the 20th Century, faced the peril today of food shortages. Crops worth hundreds of millions of dollars already were ruined. Floods ravaged Yugoslavia and Turkey, covering farm lands. Ice packs trapped fuel carrying ships in the northern seas. Tempests of rain, snow and winds swept the usually sunny Spanish peninsula and North Africa.