Letter to the Editor

Letters to the editor

Friday, April 21, 2006

United we stand

Dear editor:

The horrific acts of terrorism against our homeland and humanity have stunned our country. Yet we failed to accomplish what the terrorists wanted. We were not shut down. We did pause briefly out of respect to those we lost.

I believe something very special has happened to us as a whole. We have brought true meaning to our name, "United States of America." For we have united stronger and closer than anytime before and that alone may well be the one good thing to come out of what has happened. We can now move forward as a whole, showing the world that we are indeed the greatest, most powerful country on this planet.

Yes, war has been declared against us but those behind it have already lost for we are united.

We will seek out and destroy terrorism, first to avenge the inhumane acts against us, and in doing so will unite the world together as one.

I can see, in the end when the smoke clears, all of humanity standing united. So, please, try to remember there is good to come out of even the worst of times so long as we don't forget three words, UNITED WE STAND!

God bless America,

-- Tom Roberts