Mobility achieved through program

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Nevada Daily Mail

The Miracle on Wheels program makes Electric Power Wheelchairs available to the non-ambulatory elderly and those that are permanently disabled.

The program's main purpose is to develop a public awareness of the assistance options that exist to allow senior citizens and those that are disabled, the ability to remain independent in their homes without incurring extra expenses. The program developers believe that without this mobility option the individuals that the program is geared towards may be prematurely placed in an nursing home or acquire expensive in-home care simply because they cannot move safely (or quickly enough) from room to room, to get to the bathroom, the kitchen or answer the phone or doorbell.

According to the power wheelchairs Web site, a power wheelchair is typically covered by Medicare when a patient's condition is such that without the use of a wheelchair the patient might be otherwise bed or chair confined. The DMERC has received many claims with documentation of the need for power wheelchairs, including statements signed by physicians, indicating a degree of functional impairment and use within the home or living quarters.

Miracle on Wheels offers a wide variety of power wheelchairs, The Miracle on Wheels program accepts Medicare in all regions of the country and also accepts Medicaid in most states, according to a press release from the organization.

In order to qualify, a patient must be unable to walk. For more information call (800) 400-4210.

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