Letter to the Editor

Letters to the editor

Friday, July 14, 2006


Dear editor:

When Melissa and I decided to purchase the Carnegie Library we had no idea what we were getting into. We didn't realize how much the community loved this old building. We didn't know much about Andrew Carnegie and the impact he had on the world, especially in small towns throughout the Midwest. I also did not know how many people "lived" at the library.

When I told my office manager, Rhonda Farmer, we were considering buying the building, she was more excited than I was. Without hesitation she said, "Do it." When I called Cathy Wysong at the chamber of commerce and asked if she would consider moving to a new location she was thrilled. The overwhelming positive response to the project has been very rewarding. I really appreciate all of the encouraging comments. So far, no one has told me to my face that we were crazy.

The lists of things I didn't know was long. What I did know was the pride and quality of workmaship that Bill and Janet Erwin and all of the contractors and workers would put into this project. The overwhelming response when someone comes in is, "Wow."

I must thank my staff, Rhonda and Sonia, who provided much needed suggestions, advice, labor for the move and most of all paitience with me. I could not have survived without you. I must also thank my wife, Melissa, who must constantly live with my inability to sit still. I know this is quite challenging.

After 20 years in our old location it seems a little strange being in a new building. However, this building has so much warmth and character that we already feel like we are home. Again, thanks to everyone for the encouragement during this project. I am grateful to those who have shared stories about this building's history.

The moving crew consisted of Rhonda and Ron Farmer, Sonia Hacker and her father Ken Hacker, Fred Seewoester and my father-in-law, Max Pyle. What a crew!

We did not break a thing but I still have not located my paper clip holder. Lots of other people, too numerous tomention, helped in so many ways. Thanks to all.

Greg Hoffman