The Way it Was

Friday, July 14, 2006

100 years ago

The Chautauqua opens tomorrow

The Lake Park Chautauqua opens tomorrow morning at 11 o'clock and already a number of people occupy tents at the park. Every space from the amphitheater to the west line of the park have been rented.

The Chautauqua will open at 11 o'clock when the Rev. Dr. Stelle, the eloquent orator from Georgia, will deliver the opening sermon. At 2 o'clock Sunday afternoon Dr. Dawson, the eminent thinking and great preacher of London, will address the Chautauqua. Harry Mitchell the business manager and the members of the various committee's have worked hard to make the Chautauqua a success and no doubt their efforts will be successful.

50 years ago

Oregon flash flood

JOHN BAY, Ore. -- A cloudburst over the Ochoco Mountains of central Oregon last night sent torrents of water raging down canyons with such violence they swept away a dozen homes and business houses in the little town of Mitchell.

The 400 residents fled to the safety of ridges and there were no casualties. The flood was gone an hour after it started.

The highway washed out, power and telephone lines went down and mud and debris littered the town and lay banked up around houses and store buildings a foot above the foundations.