The Way It Was

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

100 years ago

Soroco, New Mexico damaged by earthquake

EL PASO, Texas -- Soroco, N.M., south of Santa Fe, has been badly damaged by an earthquake. Fifty-two shocks have been felt since Sunday morning. The courthouse is wrecked. The buildings of the school of mines are cracked and nearly every building in the city is cracked or wrecked. More than two-thirds of them at least are damaged or destroyed. The town which is largely of adobe and brick is almost shaken to pieces. The people are fleeing, but no one was killed.

The Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe railway has sent box cars to Soroco to take people away and many have already fled to other towns. Huge boulders have been jarred down on the railroad track and trains cannot enter town. They stop several miles outside of town.

50 years ago

More road work set for county

One or more state supplementary highways are scheduled for construction in every county of Missouri in a tentative construction program approved by the State Highway Commission for the current fiscal year, which began last July. Supplementary work tentatively programmed by the Commission for the year would cost about $21,803,789 and extends over 1,698.2 miles.

Commission officials stress that every effort will be made during the year to pull all work under contract that finances and other conditions will permit. They emphasize, however, that purposely more projects have been included in the tentative program than can be carried out.