The Way It Was

Thursday, July 20, 2006

100 years ago

Collision of steamers results in wild panic

NEW YORK -- The excursion boats, the Thomas Pattern of the Pleasure Bay Route, and the Perseues, of the Iron Steamboat Company, collided off Robbins Reef this evening.

Both vessels were thronged with passengers at the time but, although the Persures received an almost fatal wound, there were no fatalities, thanks to the vessels that buried to the assistance of the two.

On of the densest fogs which ever shrouded the upper bay was blinding the way of the two at the time of the accident.

50 years ago

$20,000 fire loss at Sheldon

Fire caused an estimated loss of $20,000 to a concrete block building and its contents owned by the Sheldon Grain and Lumber Company at Sheldon last night.

Rex Turk, one of the officials of the firm, said this morning the fire started from an undetermined origin about 11 o'clock last night and the remains were still smoldering this morning.

Mr. Turk said the structure contained a feed mixer, corn, shelter, several motors, a 1932 two-ton truck and several other pieces of machinery along with 150 tons of hay owned by Floyd Johnson.