The Way it Was

Friday, July 28, 2006

100 years ago

$200,000 just lying around

PITTSBURG, Pa. -- Adams Express Company officials spent a portion of last night looking for a wagon with $200,000 worth of currency in it -- $26,000 in silver and the rest in bills. It was found finally in the city stables, where the police had put it, after chasing Harry Cripps, the driver, who crossed 10th street and Pennsylvania on the wrong side and disregarded a policeman's warning. The officer fired. Cripps thought the officer was a bold highwayman and fled. He was caught and arrested. Cripps forgot to tell the police to notify the express company. He was fined $1 yesterday morning.

50 years ago

Baseball prowess is cited

Eddie Carter, son of Mrs. Mary Cole Carter, spent the summer vacationing in Miami, Fla., and proved to be quite a baseball player.

According to the Miami Daily News, Eddie threw a one-hit ball game and blasted a home run as the Southwest Boys Club defeated the Allapattah YMCA by the score of three to 0 at Miami Field in the district Pony League tournament.

"Carter's homer was a long blast to left field which hit the fence (350 feet away from home plate) on two bounces," the paper stated.

Carter played for the last place team in the Southwest Boys Club Pony League this year. He caught, played the outfield and pitched. The 14-year-old right hander was one of the top batters in the league with a season average of .380.