The Way it Was

Friday, August 18, 2006

100 years ago

Earthquake at Valparaiso

LIMA, Peru - At about 8 o'clock, Thursday evening there was a tremendous earthquake at Valparaiso, Chile. As at San Francisco, the shock was followed by the outbreaking of many fires. The flames extending from the Plaza Ordeo toward the north, have not been extinguished. Many houses have been destroyed m and nearly all of them are more or less damaged either by the earthquake or the fire.

Business is at a complete stand-still. The banks are closed. The gas supply is unavailable and the electric lighting system is a completely knocked out. Consequently the city at night is in darkness. The greatest panic prevails among the inhalants. Many families are fleeing from the city.

50 years ago

Held on assault charges

Frank Barrett, 28, Nevada, was being held in the Vernon County jail Saturday in lieu of a $500 bail bond on charges of common assault and disturbing the peace as the result of a fight with his wife, Ila, a the Bob Harris home in Nevada, at 10:30 p.m., Friday.

According to Sheriff Les Hunt, Barrett went to the Harris home, where his wife was staying, Friday night and entered into an argument which resulted in his beating her with his fists about the face and body. Sheriff Hunt was called to the scene by Mrs. Harris.

Sheriff Hunt said Barrett had been drinking prior to the altercation. The sheriff said when he arrived he took Mrs. Barrett to the Nevada Hospital and Deputy Sheriff Elmer Phillips took Barrett to jail. Mrs. Barrett was still in the hospital Saturday evening. She was suffering from shock and bruises.