The Way it Was

Thursday, August 24, 2006

100 years ago

The peasants day dawns

ST. PETERSBURG -- The Czar had given in and the Russian peasants are to be permitted to buy their lands. This concession by the Russian government was one of the principal demands of the ranting peasantry. It is the Czar's way of bringing to his side the persistent element and playing of the agrarians against the working men in the city. The Czar's concession is considered a great victory for the peasants. Heretofore, once a peasant always a peasant. Now a peasant can purchase his farm and become a landowner. The great, landowners and the nobility have fought this concession more bitterly than any other as it means the ultimate breaking up of many of the great estates in Russia.

50 years ago

Two injured in accident today

Two people are in the Nevada Hospital today suffering from injuries received in an accident at 1:50 a.m., today eight miles west of Nevada on U.S. Highway 54.

Sheriff Les Hunt said the car owned by Ernest E. Williams, Nevada, was being driven by Nellie June Gray, 21, Schell City, with Williams and Mrs. Doris Moffett, Rockville, Mo., riding in the front seat. Sheriff Hunt said the car was traveling east and the machine sideswiped a bridge abutment over a drainage ditch.

The sheriff said the impact whirled the machine across the paving, blocking traffic. The there were rushed to the hospital by ambulance where examination revealed that Williams sustained a fractured hip. Mrs. Moffett suffered a fractured right writs and several face lacerations.