The Way it Was

Friday, September 15, 2006

100 years ago

Postal clerk Meek arrested

Ed H. Meek, a postal clerk on the Katy, running between Sedalia and Denison, was arrested and taken from Katy train No. 1 Thursday, night when the train arrived in this city.

The arrested was made by Inspectors Martin and Hodge, and Meek was taken back to Clinton on the next train for appearance before United States Commissioner Jeffries, who held him for the next turn of court.

Meeks has been under suspicion for some time for abstracting money from letters which passed through his hands. A trap was laid fro him by mailing two letters, one containing silver and the other a marked bill, each bearing a special delivery stamp. The letter containing the bill was addressed to Clinton, and when the train reached that town it was discovered that the letter had been opened and the Monday taken.

50 years ago

Raise pheasants for market

Mr. and Mrs. Charlie Boothe of Rich Hill, can heartily recommend a farm enterprise they have undertaken on their 128 acre farm, to any young farmer starting out in the business.

The Boothes raise pheasants, in fact they have some 1,200 of them this year. Last year they raised 1,300 birds. The only requirement besides hard work, the couple said, in that you must like to work with the somewhat temperamental, yet hardy birds. The business is a new and growing field that is wide open and the profits good for an area where the drought problem is something to reckon with.