The Way it Was

Wednesday, October 4, 2006

100 years ago

Panama Canal will be built by contract

WASHINGTON -- After spending millions of dollars and consuming years of time in organizing forces to build the Panama Canal, President Roosevelt and his advisers have realized they have a task greater than they can accomplish on their hands, and if the big ditch connecting the Atlantic and Pacific is over constructed it will probably be by contract.

There have been rumors to the fact that the work was to be let to private contractors, but the first definite indication of the possible policy of the administration came yesterday when it was announced that chairman Shouts has reached a tentative decision that the work be let to private concerns.

50 years ago

Water is available to needy

Drought conditions have caused serious water shortage conditions in some areas in the sector and the water shortage has prompted some rumors to start flying in the county in regard to those in need of water being refused it in Nevada.

A.G. (Sandy) Smith, manager of the Missouri Public Service Co. which furnishes water for Nevada, told the Daily Mail this morning: "Any town or anyone needing water is welcome to obtain it in Nevada without charge. No one who has ever asked for water here has been turned down."

Mr. Smith said he has heard nothing about anyone in the county needing water or anyone asking for water and been asking for water and being refused here. He said his firm has given millions of gallons of water to Lamar without charge and others will be treated the same.