The Way it Was

Thursday, November 2, 2006

100 years ago

Concert was popular

An audience of about 3,000 gathered at the Auditorium Saturday night to hear the Bostonia orchestra, the first entertainment of the season on the pipe organ course. The audience was large, and was also responsive and appreciative, and it was plain to be ssen that the people who have purchased course tickets, numbering more than 2,000, were greatly pleased with the concert given by the 20 maids from Boston. Not property called 20 maids however; for their number includes four married women, among whom is the conductor, Belle Yeaton Renfrew, and one man, Mart King, the story teller.

Mart King, the story teller, kept the audience in a roar all the time he was on the stage. The moment he appeared the very sight of him put everyone in good humor, not because he did any acting or said anything, but just because he looked "funny." He was a slightly Irish brogue and assumes the James Whitcomb Riley style of telling stories with ease and very quietly.

50 years ago

First snow of the season in Kansas

KANSAS CITY -- The season's first snow storm in Kansas shoved a cold front into western Missouri today with rain showers and some thunderstorms.

Blizzard like conditions prevailed in western Kansas, but the temperatures in most of Missouri were still autumn-like and in the eastern protion of the state were above the normal for this season.

Joplin and Nevada got thundershowers this morning and traces of rain were reported during the night at Springfield, Sedalia and St. Louis.