Letter to the Editor

Letters to the Editor

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

The law of inertia

Dear editor:

In this letter, I want to recognize one special teacher who touched my life growing up here in Nevada. Here is a hint.  It was eighth grade accelerated science where I learned the law of inertia. If she was, or is, your teacher, you can sing it with me and do the claps. 

"Once an object is

set in motion

it will

remain in motion


something acts upon it

to change that motion"

(clapping on change that motion)

Thank you, Mrs. Janet Guthrie!

It is as ingrained in me as much as the "Spongebob Squarepants" theme song is to our second graders and just the plain hand clapping rhythm Principal Raney uses to catch the kid's attention.

Mrs. Janet Guthrie, do you realize how many lives you have touched? I want to thank you, particularly for the creative way you taught one of the most important laws of science. 

Think about that law, Nevada, for a moment. An example would be: if I drop my pen, it will keep on falling until it hits the floor.

What if the object were a person and they were set on a path that could potentially ruin their life? Or they were dropping to the floor like the pen? Would you help them up or just let them fall? Do you have the courage to take a risk to save someone? Do you open doors for strangers? Do you open the door for your spouse or friend? When was the last time you helped someone with something as simple as carrying groceries for an elderly person? How many veterans do we know in Nevada that have fought or are fighting that we may not have thanked for their sacrifices? The smile you give someone today could save their life. Do you notice the "invisible people" in your school? In our community? (The man who has a sign that says "will work for food"?) Do you act upon each other in a positive way or just make fun of one another?

Can you put down the paper, right now, and call someone and tell them you love them or go give your kid's a hug or your spouse or significant other? Where will this paper end up?  It has been set in motion. Now, it is up to you.

Christ's love to all,

Lori A. (Barnes) Bures


P.S. -- We can make a difference every day. We can lift each other up or we can put each other down. We can find the bad in everyone or the good. We can "trash talk" about our friends, neighbors, competitors, etc., or just bite our tongues when we feel compelled to complain.

In appreciation for all the help with pumpkin walk

Dear editor:

It is time for a special thank you for Nevada, for all those who helped with Benton Elementary's second annual fall festival and pumpkin walk. Hillary Clinton was right when she wrote "It Takes a Village"and the Boy and Girl Scouts are right if their motto is still "Be Prepared."

October 27 came around and it was a Friday night. We were prepared even if it rained -- in that case we would move it to Saturday night. Well, it did rain, so, PTO president Lara Johnson met with principal Misty Raney and they decided if it was still raining at noon, we would move it indoors because so many of the PTO moms and volunteers had committments on Saturday.

Well, noon came around and it was still raining, so we moved it indoors and it turned out so awesome. It was sort of like a cross between the Bryan school carnival and Antivan. Each class came up with a themed scarecrow, and these were silent-auctioned. Each class also came up with a game and craft. I think the cookie decorating and face painting were very popular, but the indoor hay maze probably topped the cake. Other activities included broomstick races and finger painting.

The most fun activity had to be the pumpkin walk itself. Each child brought a pumpkin they had carved or decorated at home with the help of an adult or some decorated them on their own that was their admission to get in and then they lined the pumpkins up, along the east hall, waiting to be judged by top-secret judges. They were judged in eight categories with a grand champion and honorable mention. Trophies were given along with a Savings Bond to the grand champion donated by First National Bank.

Now, for personal thank-yous -- Benton Elementary teachers and staff, which includes the OPPA girls, custodians, cooks, Nevada R-5 maintenance department, our judges, Cubbage's Country Market, the Barnes Company, McDonald's, Ramey's, Woods, Century 6 Theatre, Henry Kraft Mercantile, Producers Grain, Nevada Regional Techical Center, First National Bank, Tim's convenience store, Landmark Skate Center, the members of the PTO and the many class captains and co-captains and many volunteer moms and dads, grandparents, and the parents who took the time to spend some quality time with their kids carving and decorating pumpkins.

I have to mention some names of some amazing moms who just are practically wallpapering Benton with "Three for Me" paws (which you get for volunteering three hours in school or out of school, just spending time helping the kids) or these moms just put trememdous effort to make the event a success. Lara Johnson, PTO president; Angie Senkevech, vice president; Nichele Sears, secretary; Melissa Hoffman, treasurer; and Keri Hold was just amazing in helping coordinate things.

You see, it truly does take a village and Nevada is a great one!

I hope I didn't miss anyone. If I did,you know who you are and thank you very, very much!

With gratitude,

Lori Bures

PTO mom