The Way it Was

Tuesday, December 5, 2006

100 years ago

The post office building

The fact that the Treasury department has asked for an appropriation of $10,000 to be used for the Nevada post office building is evidence that the department expects to begin work on the public building this spring. The new site has practically been agreed upon but the government has not officially announced its acceptance. The building site which will no doubt be accepted is the Duport property at the corner of Cherry and Ash streets. When this new building is completed Nevada will then have three new magnificent public structures, one in each of three continuous blocks, the $50,000 high school, $75,000 court house and the $50,000 post office.

50 years ago

Negotiate for Pine Street Church, Longstreth sites

Members of the Nevada school board said today they are negotiating with the boar and congregation of Pine Street Baptist Church and Mrs. Hubbard Wells, owner of the building which formerly housed the Longstreth Market in East Nevada, to secure quarters to house senior high school students, as a result of the disastrous fire at the high school last week.

A spokesman for the board said tentative agreement for the use of the facilities of the new Pine Street Church was given by the church board, subject to the approval of the congregation. It was pointed out that if the church building is acquired 16 classrooms can be set up in the structure with a minimum amount of work. Additional restroom facilities will be required.