The Way it Was

Tuesday, January 9, 2007

100 years ago

Files $20,000 damage suit

John D. Tolle through his attorney A.J. King has filed a $20,000 damage suit against W.C. Claypool, the alleging defendant circulated slanderous statements against him. IN the petition Tolle alleges that defendant maliciously made false statements against him in order to bring plaintiff in disrepute among the people of Richards. He alleges that Claypool stated that the (Tolle) was a thief and that he has stolen a $1,200 note. The plaintiff alleges that he has been greatly damaged and asks judgment for $20,000,

50 years ago

Two inducted into armed forces today

Two Vernon County young men were inducted into the armed forces today at the induction center in Kansas City, Roberta Rousseau, clerk of the local draft board, announced. The two are William D. Jacks and Vernon Lee Duncan.

Clerk Bousseau said that a call has been issued for five more young men to take their physicals at Kansas City on Jan. 28. A reminder was issued to all young men reaching their 18th birthdays of the fact that they must register with their local draft board within five days after reaching their 18th birthday.