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Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Slip sliding away

Sunday, February 4, 2007

The recent sleet and ice storms have created an epidemic of falling and yours truly was no excetion to the rule, as I succumbed to the slippery footing and the pull of gravity.

The first was the worst. I was downtown and going back to the pickup. As I reached for the door, suddenly I found myself landing on my right shoulder and then banging the side of my head on the ice. My glasses were bent from the force of the blow, and I was bleeding from my right cheek and eyebrow. I managed to get in the pickup and found a rag to soak up the blood. The next challenge was tring to figure out how to shift the manual transmission on the floor of the old red truck with a damaged shoulder.

All of this occurred on Tuesday and, by the weekend, I was starting to think I might survive. My aunt from Tulsa was visiting, and my brother and his wife came down for an evening visit. By that time it had snowed quite heavily, so I suggested he put his car in the garage, which is out back and up an incline. My brother did as I suggested but, in the process, he left several items in his car. Since he has been the recipient of four back operations, I volunteered to hike out to the garage and get whatever it was he needed. The trip up the hill proved uneventful, but coming back, my footing went away another time and I landed on my back. Blessedly, this time it was in the snow, but it still gave me a good jar. Hoping that no one had been looking, I dusted myself off and made my way for the back door only to be greeted by the other three inhabitants of the house, who had watched my escapade from the safety of the kitchen.

The next trip outdoors involved taking care of the dogs and, by now, they were all watching my progress. Returning to the house, the traction on the slope proved to be too little, and I went down for the third time. In baseball, it is three strikes and you are out, and I was beginning to feel like I was about out as I staggered back to the house. By late Saturday evening, I felt like I had been in the ring with Rocky Balboa and had suffered a lot of abuse.

The next evening I was watching television, and they were telling about how dangerous it is for people my age to be falling. I may be a slow learner, but after three times in one week, I am beginning to figure it out.

Dick Hedges
Fort Scott Community College