The Way it Was

Friday, February 16, 2007

100 years ago

Two men killed here today

This bright sunny morning Nevada awakened to a glorious, bright sun and the song of the spring bird. The beauties and the music of nature made all feel happy, and everyone started upon the day's work with a buoyant spirit. Then like a bolt of lightning from a clear sky cam the report that two lives had been hurled to almost certain death. The sudden and awful news was a fearful shock to the public and made strong men tremble. Such an accident was so much unexpected, so unwelcome, that the effect was noticeable. Men stood in groups upon the streets and in tones almost whispers, discussed the report.

The first report was that the big new smoke stack at the new power plant house across the tracks east of Union station had failed suddenly and without warning and two men had been killed. The report spread rapidly and soon verified by summons for surgeons and stretchers. A few minutes later two baggage wagons came up Cherry street bringing the mangled and bleeding forms of two young men, who but a few minutes before were strong and brave.

50 years ago

Straw votes by students

The results of a straw vote among junior and senior high school students on the school bond and operating lavy propositions, which will be voted on by residents of the Nevada R-5 School District Tuesday, were made public by Nevada school officials Saturday.