The Way it Was

Wednesday, February 28, 2007

100 years ago

Panama Canal bids rejected

WASHINGTON D.C., -- Official announcement was made at the White House yesterday that all bids for constructing the Panama Canal by contract have been rejected, and that an entire reorganization of the canal work will be made.

Chief Engineer John F. Stevens has resigned. His place will be filled by a board of three army engineers. At last the administration, by reason of the fickleness in the public service of men taken from the realm of private business, is forced to turn to the government engineers as the main reliance in the canal building.

50 years ago

House gets wage bill

JEFFERSON CITY -- Missouri would regulate wages and working conditions throughout the state and the minimum would be 75 cents an hour under a bill introduced in the House of Representatives today.

The new measure, introduced by Rep. M.E. Bauer of Jackson County and several others would authorized the state director of industrial inspection investigate wages and working conditions in most occupations and set state minimum wages for each type of work.

The only occupations not covered by the proposed new law would be those of agricultural or domestic help, professional workers or government employees.