The Way it Was

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

100 years ago

Six attempts to wreck train

CLINTON, Mo. -- A sixth attempt to wreck the Clinton line "plug" train of the Frisco was made last night. This time the wrecker, who it is thought seeks the life of Frank Silvers, the engineer, was bold enough to enter the Clinton railroad yards and while the train was at the depot threw this roundhouse switch. This switch is an eighth of a mile from the depot and barely 100 feet from the roundhouse.

The engine struck the switch at a speed of 15 miles an hour and struck the tender of an engine standing in the roundhouse and forcing the second engine into the wall. Passengers on the train were only slightly shaken up.

50 years ago

Lynn Ewing Jr. president of young demos

Lynn M. Ewing Jr., Nevada attorney, last night was elected president of the Vernon County Young Democrats Club for the coming year succeeding Dr. John A. Caylor.

The meeting was held in the coffee room of the Farm and Home. A large crowd of Young Democrats attended the meeting at which plans were discussed for the next meeting of the club n April 16. Plans were also discussed in regard to the Young Democrat state convention to be held in Jefferson City in June.