The Way it Was

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

100 years ago

Shake up at Farmington State Hospital No. 4

FARMINGTON, Mo. -- The new board of managers of state hospital for the insane No. 4 made a shake-up in the state election of the institution today.

For several weeks it has been known that a majority of the members of the new board favored the election of T.D. Fisher, editor of the Farmington Times, to succeed W.N. Fleming as treasurer. Further than that no changers were expected.

50 years ago

Black snake causes black out in Hume

A big black snake was found to be the cause of a two-hour electric power disruption last night in the Hume area.

Missouri Public Service workers expected either wind or lightning damage to be the cause of the failure and were a little surprised to find a big snake wrapped around a three-phase wire that serves the area.

After the snake was unwound, service was quickly restored in the area.