Nevada R-5 board of education conducts annual tax levy hearing

Friday, August 10, 2007

No one from the public attended a property tax rate hearing at the Nevada R-5 board of education meeting Wednesday, when the board approved the rate suggested by Superintendent Craig Noah.

The tax levy hearing is a routine, annual event that rarely generates interest from the public.

Noah said the combined rate totalled essentially the same as last year but was balanced differently.

"The incidental fund is a penny higher and the debt service is a penny less," Noah said. "It works out to the same as last year but it channels the money slightly differently."

The total also represents a 14-cent rollback from the maximum levy the board could ask for.

"We're rolling the incidental fund back 13 cents and we're rolling the debt service back a penny, Noah said. "With the slight increase in valuation this will bring in just slightly more than last year."

The total tax rate last year was $3.57 per $100 of assessed valuation and brought in revenues of $5,323,273. This year, the tax rate ceiling is $3.7111 and with the district's 14-cent rollback the tax rate is $3.5711 per $100 of assessed valuation. The county's as-sessed valuation also increased slightly, from a total of $149,111,289 last year to $151,988,072. The projected revenue for the 2007-'08 year is $5,427,646, a projected increase of $104, 373.

Assistant superintendent Christie Peterson also presented a report on the school's Comprehensive School Improvement Plan. Peterson said the plan is constantly evolving as circumstances change.

"It's an ongoing process that all districts go through," Peterson said. "You do goal setting and things will be added. As we progress and they are accomplished things will be dropped off."

Peterson said the district has had the plan in place since 1995.

"This is the 12th year for the plan, we started it in 1995," Peterson said. "While some of the overall objectives are the same, the way we achieve them has changed over the years and that is represented in this plan. We want to ensure the district is staying focused on measurable student achievement and taking a progressive approach to our educational setting."

In other business, the board approved the Annual Secretary of the Board Report.

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