Law streamlines marriage license procedure

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Vernon Country Recorder of Deeds, Doug Shupe, has announced that beginning Aug. 28, couples getting married in the state of Missouri will no longer have to make two trips to the county recorder of deeds office to obtain a marriage license.

Under current law, the bride and groom are required to appear before the recorder of deeds to make application, wait three days and then make a second trip back to pick up the license prior to their ceremony.

Effective Aug. 28, the three-day waiting period will be repealed. If the ceremony is being performed within thirty days of the application, applicants may take the marriage license with them at the time of application.

Shupe said this will result in an annual savings to more than 40,000 taxpayers in the form of the time and expenses to make a return trip to the County Courthouse to pick up their license. In addition, there will be a savings to the recorder of deed's office from eliminating the additional filing and retrieval efforts in assisting the same customer a second time. Many of the Missouri Circuit Court judges and support staff will also be saved the time and expense of handling requests for waivers of the three-day waiting period pursuant to judicial review and necessary court orders.

Shupe also points out this change will allow those that have travel limitations -- such as military personnel -- the ability to make plans without imposing unnecessary travel time and expense on them.

Missouri follows more than 30 other states that have already eliminated the requirement and allow couples to take the license with them at the time of application. A marriage license issued by any county recorder of deeds in the state of Missouri remains vaild for 30 days within the state.

Applications are taken Monday through Friday, between the hours of 8:30 a.m. and 4:30 p.m., at the office of the Vernon County Recorder of Deeds, 100 W. Cherry, Nevada, Mo. The fee of $51 cash is payable at application. Both parties must provide government-issued identification as well as proof of Social Security numbers. Contact the office at (417) 448-2520 for additional information.

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