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Reel endowment put to good use

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

One of the greatest things that happened during my extension career was Helen Reel’s donating a farm to the University Extension Endowment Fund. Helen was impressed with the extension youth program and the gift of a farm for the youth in the area by Mary McGennis was a model for her. She had a special interest in young girls who we would now refer to as being high risk.

Helen did not want any recognition during her lifetime.

It was her thoughts that a person making a gift should not be doing it for recognition. Continuously she expressed appreciation to those of us in extension that helped to make the process possible. The farm was given to the endowment fund by Helen, which was sold. The proceeds from the sale established what is now referred to as the Foy Cleveland and Helen Logan Reel Endowment.

After the endowment fund was established, I have wondered if it was providing as much funds that was estimated at the time the funds were endowed, as interest rates have been down for several years from what it was at that time.

I have also been concerned about the programs, are they being used for what Helen desired.

It has been probably about three or four years since I have seen a report on the use of the funds. Also it was set up that 10 percent of the funds would be available to be used in Vernon County and I have been concerned during the years that this wish of Helen’s was being carried out.

Last week, Barbara Casady, director of development, met with Donna Logan, Helen’s niece; Pat Miller, county program director; Carol Parmenter and myself. Barbara gave a report on the endowment fund and Carol gave a report on how the funds designated to Vernon County are being used.

Helen would have been highly pleased and grateful for the impact that her gift is making.

Having funds endowed is a way of making a gift perpetual, as only the funds from the proceeds are used and the principal remains untouched. Last year the investment made 13.2 percent, 5 percent is going toward the programs and this leaves 8.2 percent that is going back to the principal. This growth in principal will provide even great amounts of proceeds in the future.

The total principal has grown to nearly a half of a million dollars. Out of the 5 percent that goes to programs, 10 percent is earmarked for Vernon County. It is not automatic; it has to be applied for. $9,739 is now available for Vernon County programs which meet the criteria for the endowment.

Barbara said that the Reel funds help to obtain other funds from donors. Other donors have the opportunities to add funds to programs that are being funded by the Reel endowment.

Space does not allow for a full report, provided on the state level. The 2007 Foy Cleveland and Helen Logan Real Endowment Report was presented by the Center on Adolescent Sexuality, Pregnancy and Parenting.

In part the report says, “Thanks to the generous support of Foy Cleveland and Helen Logan Real Endowment, the Center on Adolescent Sexuality, Pregnancy and Parenting (CASPP) has helped adolescents and young adults develop healthy relationships and sexual decision making skills. Over the past several years, a great number of services to community professionals as well as direct services to youth and their parents have been provided through CASPP and University of Missouri Extension. State and Regional Human Development Specialists have developed, implemented, and evaluated curricula for teaching skills to youth as well as provided training to those wanting to implement programs in their own communities, schools and organizations.”

One of the primary goals for CASPP is developing implementing and evaluating educational programs that help youth and young adults meet and cope with the problems they face.

Names of the five programs that are being delivered state wide are: Connecting for Baby, HIV/STD and Pregnancy Prevention, Missouri Volunteer Resource Mothers Program, Adolescent Journaling Program and Maltreatment and Adolescent Pregnancy and Parenting. In the report each one contains a summary of explanation of the program.

As result of the Real funds many youth are being reached with needed programs that will help them in their lives. One of the wonderful achievements that occurred as result of the Real funding was the design and execution of a CASPP Web site, http://extension.missouri.edu/hdfs/caspp... .

In the report for Vernon County, Carol said, “Over the past several years, the Real funds have been used for a variety of projects in Vernon County.

These additional funds are greatly appreciated as new and traditional programs are needed to assist the youth of Vernon County.”

Certainly, the Real funds are making an impact and they will continue with even greater impact in the future. Helen’s contribution was a great investment to benefit Vernon County and Missouri youth.

For additional information on these reports or how you can invest in the University of Missouri Extension Endowment Fund, contact the University of Missouri -- Vernon County Center. I would also be glad to help you, as an extension retiree.

Leonard Ernsbarger
Leonard At Large