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Fathers and the empty nest

Saturday, October 27, 2007

The following, concerning fathers and the empty nest, is from "Home with a Heart" by Dr. James Dobson.

"The movie ‘Father of the Bride' is hilarious. But it's also a touching tribute to the love of a father for his daughter. When George, the dad, sits across from his daughter at the dinner table and learns that she's engaged, he takes the news hard. He can't believe what he's hearing. He has to clear his vision as he sees her as a little baby girl and then as the tomboy of eight to 10 years and finally as a beautiful young woman of 18. His little girl has grown up and she's leaving him. He will never again be the main man in the life of this baby or this little girl or this beautiful young adult. A part of his life is over and there's grieving to be done.

"George's experience is not so unusual. A recent study asked 400 parents of college freshmen to report their feelings when their son or daughter left home. Surprisingly to some, the fathers took it harder than the mothers. And one of the chief explanations was regret. Fathers had been so busy working so hard that they suddenly realized it was too late to build a relationship with their now-grown child.

"For those of you who still have teenagers at home, take a moment regularly to enjoy your remaining time together. Those days will be gone in the blink of an eye."

Dick Hedges
Fort Scott Community College