Letter to the Editor

Stories of good will

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Stories of good will

Dear editor:

'Tis the season for wonderful stories, and just after Thanksgiving one of these wonderful stories emerged to brighten the 2007 holiday season. Hopefully it will also change the minds and hearts of a lot of people who do not like immigrants carting to our country.

According to the Associated Press news wire on Nov. 24, a 9-year-old boy was hopelessly stranded in the Arizona desert after a car accident in which his mother died. He probably would not have survived long had it not been for the help of a man named Jesus Manuel Cordova. Cordova found the boy, comforted him, gave him his jacket, and helped him in other ways until authorities arrived.

Jesus Manuel Cordova is an illegal immigrant from Mexico. Shortly before he found the boy, he had just wandered across the U.S.-Mexican border. Had it not been for this man, this young boy would have almost certainly died in the desolate, rattlesnake-infested, and barren Arizona desert.

Hopefully this story will change the attitudes of persons who believe that immigrants -- illegal or otherwise -- can only do bad things when they came to the U.S. Most of these people who think that way have never even met an immigrant. Maybe this will be the catalyst for a change in attitude that is very prevalent across the United States, especially among people who call themselves Christians. Perhaps the good deed of a man named Jesus will remind then of the good deeds and love taught and preached by another Jesus who came into this hate-filled world 2,000 years ago, a stranger himself in a little town called Bethlehem.

Merry Christmas to all and may the greatest gifts of Christmas 2008 be love, acceptance, and tolerance toward our fellow human beings. And remember, next time you may be the one whose life is saved by an illegal alien.

David Shipp