Letter to the Editor

Thank you to those keeping Nevada beautiful

Monday, March 31, 2008

Dear Editor:

I live in Spring Village, I moved here in July 2007; I love it here, it's a very nice town. I have bad knees and usually use my handicap scooter when I have very far to go. When the weather permits, my close friend Oma L. Beshore, who enjoys walking, goes with me. We like going around Walton Lake which has a nice road around it for walking. We had been wondering what kind of people can carry their picnic supplies there, but they are unable to take their trash home and just throw it in the beautiful lake, which is for everyone to enjoy. The trash along the water's edge was a sickening eye sore. It made us feel sick each time we were there and saw it.

Wednesday, we were going around the lake and came upon two young men with a refuse barrel and a dip net. They were getting the trash out of the vines and weeds at the water's edge. In our eyes these young men are heroes and should be rewarded for cleaning up uncaring people's messes. We need more caring people like them. Please let's keep it clean.

Leroy Beshore, Nevada, Mo.