Hoops on the hoof

Friday, April 18, 2008
Vernon County Northern Commissioner Neal Gerster hands the ball to Diane Eslinger, NEVC school board member during the donkey basketball game Thursday night at Northeast Vernon County High School.The event was filled with dozens of spills and thrills as competitors on four teams -- FBLA, the Donkey Dodgers, the Muleskinners and the Tail Twisters sought the top scores and the answer to one elusive puzzle -- how do I stay on the donkey? Meanwhile, master of ceremonies Jeanne Hoagland entertained the crowd with a long list of "donkey facts" such as that donkeys will sink in quicksand but a mule won't. Asked why that's so, Hoagland joked that it was so because "it's on this piece of paper I have here,that's why." Teams played four games in all, two qualifying games, a consolation game between the two losing teams and a championship game between the two winning teams. Look for more photos in the Saturday edition of the Herald-Tribune. --Ralph Pokorny/Daily Mail

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