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Thursday, May 5, 2016

Edmonds was needed

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

There are people who serve others in our society whom we never properly thank or to show them our appreciation. Instead of praising others and giving them encouragement there is a tendency to tear down or to talk down our leaders.

A few weeks ago after the city election and the reorganization of the city council a picture was in the Nevada Daily Mail showing Bill Edmonds receiving a plaque as a matter of appreciation for his service as mayor. Certainly this is a good gesture of showing gratitude for his service. It is an honor to serve on the council and is truly an honor to have served as mayor.

Still, there are not any words that can properly show appreciation to Bill and others who have served the community in this manner. Along with the honor of serving as mayor and on the council, comes a great amount of responsibility. Decisions made and things done affects a large number of people in this area.

Council members are citizens who give up their personal time and use their talent to provide leadership to the community. Other municipal governments may pay their council members for meetings, not Nevada. They each serve without compensation. This may come as a surprise to many as it did in recent years for one candidate after filing to run for the council. He asked a council member how much they were paid and was surprised to learn that they received no compensation.

While Bill was young he served as a counselor from Bates County for Bob White Youth Camp, a camp for boys and girls needing a camping experience. I was director for the camp and was pleased with his leadership he gave to the young campers. That was the first time I met Bill. It was a pleasure on my part to have him as one of the camp counselors.

During the early years after moving to Nevada he was one of our neighbors.

Therefore, it has been my pleasure to have known Bill for several years and have been aware of many of his leadership capacities that he has had in this community.

Bill served on the city council for two three-year terms and as mayor during the final and last year on the council. After he retired as director at Nevada Habilitation Center, I was surprised that he decided to run for the city council and he was elected. Last year he was in line to becoming mayor and he was willing to accept the leadership position, even while dealing with health issues.

There have been a number of things that occurred during the six years that Bill served on the council. Some of these include voter approval of the tax for street improvements for another five years, passage of the park tax for capital improvements, airport improvements have gotten under way, Waste Water Treatment Plant bond was passed and work has begun on that facility, replacement of water pipes, sewage interceptor line constructed south of town, and other success have been accomplished.

During his tenure, the council had to make tough decisions that the council members did not want to make. Financial conditions of the city have become better as result of their decisions, implementing the changes that had to be made.

Many of those working with Bill while he was on the city council have good things to say about him and his achievements. Bill McGuire, city manager, indicated that he was a good person to have had on the council and to serve as mayor. He recognized that the experience of being administrator at the Habilitation Center helped him to have a greater understanding and how to do things that need to be done.

One retired employee said, "Bill continued to stay active in the Parent's Support Group at the Habilitation Center as councilperson and mayor." Credit was also given him for his support of the park sales tax and projects.

"Such a great guy," is a comment made by Julie Lewis, city clerk, when talking about Bill Edmonds. He was fun to work with. Bill was a good moderator when the council dealt with differences of opinions.

While discussing the contributions of Bill to the city and his accomplishments, Julie said, "He was needed."

Tim Wells after serving a one-year term on the council was reelected for a three-year term. He described Bill as being level headed, calm and clear thinking. Tim said, "Bill put his needs behind the city needs"

He considered that Bill was the right person for mayor. Tim said, "No one could have handled the position as he did. The Good Lord puts someone in a place where they need to be."

This community and society is better because of the service that Bill and others have provided during the years. With my background as a 4-H specialist, I consider that Bill is well deserving of a bouquet of four leaf clovers.

Bill, thank you for your service, many are appreciative of your efforts and accomplishments.

Leonard Ernsbarger
Leonard At Large