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Donna's grandchild makes the day

Saturday, May 31, 2008

The following is a note from Donna Long:

At our house, we have a small table located between two big easy chairs. This table pretty much holds all the essentials of life: reading glasses, pens and pencils, the telephone, favorite drinks, letters, bills, newspapers, and, most importantly, the remotes for the TV. This table is usually stacked pretty high with all this stuff, and it takes some doing to keep it all in place.

Now this all works very well until our grandaughter, who just turned one, enters the room. Callie is a curious child, who loves to play at the "table". No matter how many times we remover her and give her a fun toy, she much prefers all the neat things on the table. Callie will be playing with a toy, and I will try to sneak out of the room for a few minutes. When I come back, she will be standing at the table, looking very guilty, with a pair of glasses in her hand, trying to see how far she can spread the ear pieces. Of course, all the other papers and stuff are on the floor and she will be walking in spilled tea and making a call on the phone.

The other day, I was peeling potatoes and noted that the TV had gone off. When I looked, sure enough, there she was playing with the TV remotes. It takes two remotes to make our TV work, with about 50 buttons on each one. Gone are the days when you only had three buttons to mess with: the on/off button, the volume, and the channel selector. I started pushing buttons, trying to get the TV back on, but all I did was make it worse. I finally gave up and turned on the radio, realizing that life will change with her around.

Dick Hedges
Fort Scott Community College