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An outstanding citizen was selected as Citizen of the Year

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

When thinking about who should be Citizen of the Year it is often difficult to choose just one person. Frequently, it is easy to overlook a person who should be awarded this type of special recognition.

This year the Nevada Rotary Club chose a person who is well deserving of this special recognition -- Pat Chambers, a man I look up to for what he has accomplished.

This year the occasion to honor a Citizen of the Year was done differently from how it has been done in the past. Traditionally, the Rotary Club has surprised the recipient with the honor. This year, the club announced the person to receive the award ahead of time and invited the community to share in the special occasion of presenting the award.

One day, Pat asked me if I planned to attend the Citizen of the Year Award program. When he told me that he was receiving the award, I had no doubt I would be in attendance for this special event for Pat. He told me that they had asked him to make a list of persons he would like to have there and he had included me on the list. Thus, I was honored by Pat with his desire that I would be in attendance.

The event took place last Thursday at the Country Club and the Rotary Club did it up right. Several commented that it was a nice event and it certainly was.

It has been my pleasure to have known Pat since he arrived in Nevada at what was then only one station, KNEM. It was then that we became acquainted, as there was a good relationship with extension and the radio station. At that time I had a weekly radio program and did several things in conjunction with the radio station.

There was a rather short period of time that Pat left this community to become manager of a radio station in western Kansas.

Fortunately for this community, he soon returned and has remained in this community.

After coming to Nevada, it did not take Pat long to become actively involved in the community and he has always remained active.

There have been many good comments made in the last few days about Pat. Perhaps one of the best descriptive statements made is, "He is dedicated."

Many times I have wondered how he does it. He has never been lacking of getting involved with special community projects and events. He is not one that does things for recognition, but for the good of people and the community. When there is a leadership role needed, he does not stand back waiting for someone else to do it -- he does it and gets it done well.

You name it and most likely Pat has been involved with it and has given leadership to it -- chamber of commerce activities, Bushwhacker Days, United Way Funds, America Red Cross and many others. He is also a member of the Nevada Rotary Club. Not only has he been dedicated to the community, but also dedicated to his family.

Currently, Pat is employed with On My Own, Inc. Through that organization he has helped a large number of people to have a better quality of life.

Last week, he spent three days in Schell City, helping with disaster relief after a storm that brought destruction to that community.

Pat and his wife Karen own and operate a bed and breakfast, The Red Horse Inn. Guests have expressed that it is a good place to stay and they often get repeat guests, an indication of the quality of service provided.

During a tribute to Pat, Jason Meisenheimer made several comments about Pat's contributions and accomplishments.

Jason and Pat had worked together in United Way Funds Drive. He commented that each time that Pat had headed up the drive that the contributions exceeded the goals. During the time he gave leadership to the Griffons, the Griffons met with great success. Jason gave credit to Pat for the success that some of the players had which led to becoming major league players.

Mike Harbit, KNEM/

KNMO owner and manager, could not be in attendance, but a letter was read from Mike describing the contributions Pat has made to the radio station. He still often fills in for Mike in the morning and for several years he has been the voice for Rich Hill games as well as other games. The ties between Mike and Pat go back many years.

A photo presentation was given which portrayed a number of events in Pat's life.

Kathi Wysong presented the award to Pat. She made one of her "from the heart" presentations, giving much praise to the recipient of the special recognition.

During Kathi's presentation she named the others that were nominated for Citizen of the Year. Each one of them is quality people and would have been well qualified for the award. This indicates that as we look around, we have many high quality individuals who give much to the community and to society.

It is certainly good to give recognition and praise to an outstanding citizen. I am glad that I could be there for this special event to see a special person receiving recognition for which he is well deserving.

Pat, thank you for the many contributions you have made in a large number of ways.

I still do not know how you do all of the good things you do.

Pat Chambers certainly deserves a bouquet of four leaf clovers.

Leonard Ernsbarger
Leonard At Large