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Meet the artist Gary Hawk

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Gary Hawk, of Iola, Kan., is internationally known for his country, western and wildlife art. Many in this area are familiar with him and his art. His art work is being featured at the Vernon County Arts Council gallery at the Carnegie Building, located at Ash and Austin in Nevada.

Friday evening, from 5 to 7, the council is holding a "meet the artist" reception, which will give those in attendance an opportunity to meet and visit with Gary Hawk. A featured article about Gary was on the front page of the Tuesday, June 10, edition of the Nevada Daily Mail. If you have not read the article, you will want to go back and read about his life history and many of his experiences. You will enjoy meeting Hawk and finding out more about him.

What do you know about the Vernon County Arts Council? This question was asked to two ladies this week. One of them said nothing and the other said not a thing. Perhaps this is typical of a large number in Vernon County. The council has worked hard to make them known; still communications is a difficult thing.

We have a number of great things in Vernon County, including the Community Council on the Performing Arts, the Bushwhacker Museum, and many other things could and should be named. Another great thing is the Vernon County Arts Council, which is relatively new, but has been established in recent years. They have been established to promote visual arts and to promote area art. If you have a guest from out of town, this an interesting place to take them.

There are many people who are involved in the different types of visual arts. This is part of our culture that is worthy of promotion and helping people to become aware of these arts.

The council shares the office with the chamber of commerce where visitors may visit and to see and purchase art work and to see the art of the monthly featured artist.

Ladine Casey is currently serving as president of the council.

According to her, "It is an honor to have Gary to show in the gallery with his background and where he has shown. All people of the town should come see his work and meet the artist. You learn more about the art when you meet the artist."

One of my blessings in life has been to have Gary as a cousin. He is also a cousin to Linda Schowengerdt. Therefore, the feature artist has family ties to this community. As result of knowing him most of my life, I know him well and observed his development in his profession as an artist.

There are a limited number of artists who have made a living by being an artist, he is one of them. His paintings are with water colors.

Being an artist is one thing, but marketing the art is another thing. He has been able to market and promote his work. As result he has met many people, including famous people and it has taken him too many places.

We had many experiences in our youth. It was always great when our families got together. While we were young, we looked forward to staying at their place or Gary and his brother Dale coming and staying with us. We had many good times and still reflect on some of those good days. We did many things together, including riding bicycles, roller skating, swimming in a pond or creek, setting off fireworks and many other things. We still enjoy getting together.

If you have not met Gary, Friday evening will be your opportunity. You will find him to be interesting. He likes to meet people and visit with him. No one is a stranger to him. In his drawings he uses someone that he knew.

When I visit with Gary, he always is an inspiration, as result of his enthusiasm. Each day is a great day for him and everything he does he enjoys. The one thing that he enjoys the most is to be in his studio doing a painting. Much of his time and efforts goes to other things that need to be done such as mowing or maintenance on his home. What ever it might be he is enjoying it.

We sometimes discuss things that are challenges to us as we become more mature. His attitude is "all we can do about it is to laugh. He is a person with a good attitude.

As indicated by the recent article about him, much can be said about this guy. Someone needs to write a book about him, it would be of great interest.

To view some of Gary Hawk's painting and more about him and his gallery you can go to his Web site at www..hawkdesigns.net.

The Vernon County Arts Council is a group that you can join with their effort to promote visual arts. They are in need of volunteers to help with the art gallery.

Ladine says she would love to see the town turn out for the meet the artist Friday evening.

Leonard Ernsbarger
Leonard At Large