Keough endorsed by Missouri State Council of Fire Fighters

Tuesday, September 23, 2008
Carla Keough

The Missouri State Council of Fire Fighters unanimously endorses Carla Keough in her bid to upset two-term State Representative Barney Fisher on Nov. 4.

Keough, a Butler Democrat, has earned the highest endorsement because of her caring attitude towards Public Safety, Working Families, and the Citizens of Missouri.

President of the Council, Sherwood Smith commented, 'The Missouri State Council of Firefighters endorses candidates, after intense interviews and screenings- regardless of party affiliation. After meeting with Keough she is recognized as the best candidate who will stand up for working families and the issues that pertain to the members of those who put their lives on the lines in our state. After seeing the committment and body of work the Carla displays it was clear to us that our endorsement should go to her."

"On behalf of more than 6,000 fire fighters, EMS workers, 911 dispatchers, and assistant prosecuting attorneys of the Missouri State Council of Fire Fighters this endorsement is proudly given to Carla Keough."

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