Nevada golfer hits first-ever hole-in-one

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Wayne Reinert, Nevada, recently hit his first ever hole-in-one at the Bear Creek Valley Golf Club in Osage Beach, Mo., on Sunday, Oct. 12.

Reinert, along with friends Ted Davis, Dave McCullough and Norm Tuomi, was on the par-3 seventh hole at Bear Creek when he hit that now famous shot with his 7-wood and lost sight off the ball as it made its way onto the elevated green.

"I knew I hit it good, but I looked everywhere and just couldn't find it," Reinert said. "I looked all around and I said 'now where the h-- is my ball?'"

After searching all around the green, McCullough suggested that Reinert check in the cup for his ball and there it sat. All four men spent a fair amount of day afterward celebrating the accomplishment, but Reinert said the rest of his day on the course did not come with nearly as much success.

Reinert has belonged to the Nevada city golf course for several years and has been an avid golfer for the past 40 years, but has never hit a hole-in-one before.

Before finally getting the milestone shot, Reinert came very close several times, including getting within 6 inches of the hole at the Nevada city golf course on one particular occasion.

"I just thought I'd get it in the paper to tell everybody I'm not as bad a golfer as I thought I was," Reinert said with a laugh.

Reinert said also that he was met with open hospitality around the club and the accomplishment came just a couple of weeks after his partner for the day pulled off the same feat at another course.

Reinert credits his hole-in-one mostly to luck, but knows that it does take at least a little bit of skill on the part of the player to accomplish that type of feat. "I knew I hit it good," he said.

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