Breaking news: Police investigate report of armed robbery at Subway

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Nevada police and other law enforcement officers in the area began a city-wide manhunt after dispatchers received a report that a person about 6 feet tall, wearing a leather jacket, a grim reaper's mask and jeans had robbed the Subway moments before 11 p.m., Wednesday.

Early information indicated the suspect allegedly had a firearm, and that he had robbed the business at the drive-through window, then fled on foot. A short time later, a person described in a similar manner reportedly approached McDonald's, but employees did not open the window and the apparent attempted robbery was unsuccessful. Officers were still conducting a search for the suspect and warning area businesses still open at the time that the suspect may be in the area at press time on Wednesday, so confirmation of details and further information could not be obtained. Look for more information in the Friday edition of the Nevada Daily Mail.

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