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There is a season for everything

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

"Glorious" is the way one person described the recent days. Never fear, we are in Missouri and it will change. We do not realize how great it is to live in an area where there are four season a year.

Several years ago we spent some time in Arkansas. There were several people moving in there from Arizona and other areas to retire. I questioned why they left the areas where they came from. One of the reasons was that there were four season a year. Where they came from it was like having the same season all year. They appreciated the change of seasons.

As I write this column it is on election eve. The day when this is published, readers will be interested in the results of the election. Therefore, this seems like a good time to ramble, not knowing where I might go.

On this day, the day after the election, the many political signs will finally start coming down. We are fortunate to be living in a republic where we are allowed to vote for candidates of our choice. We have a democracy that could come to an end within one generation -- it is always that close, unless steps continue to be made to maintain our form of government. It is possible that we could end up with only one party and not be allowed to express opposition. It is possible that this could happen, however we do not think that it will.

The Election Day was long in coming. One person said a few weeks ago that she was looking forward to Nov. 5 when the campaigning will get started for another four years. Many people have said that they would be glad when the election was over. The problem with that is that part of our lives also must come to an end.

While our minds have been on the election in recent days, and there has been a great amount of talk about it, there have been times when we wanted to tune it out. A major discussion in recent days has been the beauty that we have seen in nature.

You just can't help noticing the beauty of the trees and the shrubs including the burning bushes. We are really blessed to see such beauty. I have seen pretty falls in the past and beautiful trees; still I do not think I have seen such pretty scenery as we are seeing this year. You can say that it is the talk of the town. You could also say that it is breath taking.

It is especially beautiful to look at the trees early in the morning and near sunset --though they are beautiful all day. Maybe it is as a result of the season in my life that I have grown to have a greater appreciation of the beauty during this time of the year.

While many people have said over the years that their favorite season is the fall with its many colors, I have always thought that spring was my favorite season, because of the new life in the spring and all of the green and the beautiful blossoms to be seen. It was only a few weeks ago we were enjoying springtime with the flowering trees in Nevada. In the past I have considered fall as the time when many things die.

Usually, the beauty of trees during winter is not fully realized. It is at this time that the designs of the trees can be seen and we can see that life goes on with the trees, as their root systems continue to grow. This is an important time in the life of trees as they prepare for the new growing season. Yes, trees are beautiful, even in the winter and snow often adds to that beauty.

Another subject that has been on the minds of many people in recent weeks has been the stock market. Many people have been affected by the lowering of the stock market. It can be especially disastrous for people who are retired or nearing retirement.

One of the things that I had wondered about was where did the money that the stock investments were supposedly worth goe? I read an article on line about that subject and what they said was that the money was never there. It is more like what a person was willing to pay for the stock. If there are no longer any buyers for the stock at that price, then it is going to go down.

It is like going out and buying an expensive cow. The market for the cow goes down and when it comes time to sell the cow, it is worth just half of the purchase price. Where did the money go? In reality, nowhere, it is just not there. It is the same way in investing in stocks. Many people are realizing that investing in something that does not fluctuate may have advantages. Investments that fluctuate are great when their value is supposedly increasing, but it is different when they go down.

Regardless of the many things that may be taking place, we can pause and enjoy the beautiful scenery while the nice weather lasts. Winter storms are not far off.

Since the frost last week, breathing the air is special. As we walk among trees, the special aroma that comes at this time of the year, reminds me of the days when I was walking to school at this time of the year. That does not seem as long ago as it really is.

Thoughts have been given to this season and the enjoyment that comes with it. For my morning devotion this morning I read Ecclesiastics 3:1-13. This is among my favorite scriptures and has often been used at funerals. According to this scripture there is a season for everything. The title for the devotion is "Seasons of Life."

Leonard Ernsbarger
Leonard At Large