Letter to the Editor

Obama -- a potential great president

Wednesday, November 19, 2008


I believe that President-elect Obama has the potential to be a great president and rank with other giants who have gone to the White House before him like Washington, Jefferson, Polk, Lincoln, Arthur, McKinley, Wilson, Roosevelt, Eisenhower, and Reagan. I base this on the fact that this man is a brilliant individual and Constitutional scholar who also is a good listener and of extremely refined temperment. He also has the ability to work with people of other political persuasions as he demonstrated when he met with Republican Richard Lugar of Indiana and wrote the bill that helped rogue states dispose of their nuclear weapons. In fact, never in my 47 years have I had such high hopes for a new president.

I believe that President-elect Obama is the man who can solve the economic and foreign policy challenges facing our nation, including bringing an end to the war in Iraq and solving the recession that much of the country has slipped into in recent months. I also believe that Obama will put together a brain trust of scientists and other scholars who will find an alternative energy source and end our dependence on foreign oil without having to tear up our beautiful public lands out West. In addition, with his genuine compassion I believe he will find a way to make universal health care a realty for millions and give the middle class tax breaks that will help ensure their children are taken care of -- from daycare to college.

On the issues in which I disagree with our new president (abortion, gun control, and traditional marriage), I pray that God will guide his heart and his thinking to change his mind on these matters. He has already stated he would like to see fewer abortions in this country, which is a good sign.

Let's all get behind President Obama as he takes over at a time of crisis almost unparalleled in modern U.S. history.


David Shipp