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Saturday, July 30, 2016

Here We Go Again

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

A subject that came under much discussion last week was the sudden resignation of the city manager and questioning who the city council was going to name as the interim city manager.

There has been an element in Nevada that was against anything that Bill McGuire did. There had been rumors for several weeks that they wanted him removed and the rumors also included who they wanted for interim city manger. Rumors are often just that --rumors. Still, I experienced hearing rumors in extension and the administration said they were rumors and not true. Often the rumors were right.

This city has many qualities that are favorable for significant development and economic growth. However, there is not enough team work and everybody getting on board and pulling together. There is no doubt that there are many that are trying to do the right things and have the best for Nevada in their purpose. Even with good intentions they are divisive and not always promoting the right things.

When things were promoted as going great, this town went from riches to rags overnight. There was a million dollar deficit, which was a real problem. This had to be corrected; it was unfortunate that tough decisions had to be made. Cutting personnel was not something that the council wanted to see happen. It was rather a desperate situation. With good management, the city's deficit was removed and put in a good financial situation.

With the current economic conditions, many government bodies are finding the expenses going up and income going down. Those caught in this position are having a tough time and it appears that it may get tougher. That makes it even more important that our city council needs to be cautious in how money is spent.

It is unfortunate that the city is now in the position of having to go through the process of hiring a city manager once again. As citizens we are in the dark about what had been taking place behind the scenes.

When it was announced that an interim city manager was to be selected, I was concerned about who it might be. A person that I would like to have seen in that position was Harlan Moore, however I did not think that he would be available or that the council would select him.

Harlan Moore served in that position before after the city had gone from riches to rags. He never did get the thanks from this community for the good job he did of using his management skills to solve some of the problems that had developed prior to his arrival.

The city council made the proper selection when they selected Moore to serve again as the interim city manager and they deserve a bouquet of four leaf clovers. I expressed my pleasure to one city government leader and he agreed and was surprise that Moore agreed to take the position. One of the advantages is that he is familiar with this community.

There are going to be some who will oppose him from his prior time here. In his article "Moore named interim city manager" published in Saturday's Herald-Tribune, Ralph Pokorny said that on the Daily Mails' Web site adamant opinions were expressed by commenters. Moore has a big task to come in and serve in this position. Hopefully he is welcome and people will get behind him and will work with him. It is important for this community to pull together.

One of the great documents that we have is a charter that is well written and was adopted July 5, 1979. It serves as the code of Nevada, Mo. At council meetings the vote is always by roll call. I have gone to the council meetings and wondered why this procedure is followed. That is set up in the Charter to be done in this manner.

The Charter sets up the responsibilities of the council members and the city manger. It establishes that the city employees are responsible to the manger -- not council members.

It has been said that at least one council member has been wanting to micro manage. This can not be done according to the Charter. There is only one manger.

Taking the job as a council member is a great service to the community and is a responsible position. We can be thankful that we have citizens willing to assume this role.

There appears to be a need for some of the council members to become better acquainted with the Charter. A training session each year would be appropriate. Also, city employees need to become more familiar with the Charter and not cross the line. It does not stop there, we as citizens are not familiar with the document and need to study what it contains.

During this holiday season pray for the city of Nevada and the leaders of the city. If God is willing, the future for Nevada is going to be great.

Leonard Ernsbarger
Leonard At Large
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