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Preparing for Thanksgiving visitors

Saturday, December 6, 2008

There's an old saying about having company that goes, "the more the merrier." If it is true, we should have a very merry Thanksgiving.

As the Hedges clan was looking for someplace to gather, I volunteered the Horton Street address, and the snowball gathered momentum from that point onward. We were able to get my aunt from Tulsa to agree to come to the festivities, and my sister from Leroy will have all four of her boys and their families in attendance. In addition, my two sons and their offspring will be there. At this point, we were starting to get pretty merry.

Then my oldest checked with me to see if his five buddies from Kentucky, who had been out in Western Kansas pillaging the pheasants and, more recently, the ducks in St. Paul, could stop by. My response was, "Sure, they would be welcome." This brings the entourage up to thirty-four and presents some logistic problems in terms of table space.

Certainly after this, I began scanning the weather forecast and praying for good weather as eleven of these thirty-four are children, who I predict will be in and out of the house with regularity. It would certainly help if they had the opportunity to play outside and enjoy Mother Nature.

I had been in the process of covering up my woodpile with plastic, and then it dawned on me that the deck would make a good place to locate about ten of this party. So, taking a heavy duty stapler, I built a temporary shelter on the north-west side of the patio, hoping to have my own solarium.

All this reminded me of someone telling me about the people in China who are sometimes so poor that they take plastic and stretch it over bushes and live underneath there while they are seeking work. I am not necessarily seeking work, but I have a foreboding that this could turn into work.

Fortunately I have good help, with the daughter-in-laws doing some of the heavy lifting and getting ready for this event. I told my aunt, who is the senior member of the clan, that she could just direct everyone and tell them what to do. One of the things I do know is plastic plates, plastic cups, and plastic silverware will be in abundance along with huge trashcans to collect the damage after the meal.

Add to this the fact that I have two downed vehicles, and this has reduced me to driving the old farm truck which is a 1988 Ford. Since I am picking up my aunt in Miami, Oklahoma, I threw the log chain out of the right floorboard, swept out the twenty-year-old truck and hope that it will run to Miami Oklahoma and make a return trip to Fort Scott. Regardless of all this, it will be good to see all the family and enjoy the blessings we all share this Thanksgiving.

Dick Hedges
Fort Scott Community College