Fall's Crop of Genealogical Inquiries

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Summarized below are some of the genealogical inquiries received by the Vernon County Historical Society in recent months. If you have information about, or an interest in, any of these individuals or families, please contact the inquirer directly, or if you prefer contact the Historical Society at the Bushwhacker Museum, 212 West Walnut, phone (417) 667-9602.

Hill - Looking for info on Charles Robert Hill, brother of J.K. Hill (father of the late Dorothy Hill), born April 1863. His daughter Nora Bell Hill married H.T. Snow, my wife's great-grandfather. We found some old pictures and documents about Nora and would like to have any photos you have in hopes to make a visual connection. Robert and Kathy DeLong, PO Box 575, Richmond, Tx 77406. (Some info was furnished.)

Baker - Researching my family, ancestors of Morris Cox Baker. Am hoping to find out when his wife Matilda Stamper Baker died. She does not appear in the 1850 census. Their son Preston Nettis Baker was my great great greatgrandfather.----Pam Lavoie, e-mail lavoie@nrtco.net.

Craig - I would like to obtain a copy of the will for William Craig and guardianship records of his children. The ID's are as follows: 6076, 6076, 6073, 6063, 6077. Can you tell me how to obtain these copies? -- Carol Adams, 3779 W. Farm Road 54, Willard, Mo. 65781. (Considerable probate info was furnished.)

Davis - Seeking burial site of my grandmother Laura Helene Leslie Davis. Her husband, Joseph Meredith Davis, died 1891 in San Francisco. She took her six children to Kansas by train, then on b' covered wagon to Vernon County. She was a teacher at Stony Point school, 2 1/2 miles west of Metz. She died in 1895, presumably buried nearby. -- Billie L. Swope, 921 El Monte Dr., Simi Valley Ca. 930656, phone (805)526-1230, e-mail jazzykitty2@aol.com. (Not found in Pryor Creek or other neighborhood cemeteries.)

Pryor - Seek info on William Jonathan Pryor, born TN 1828, son of Jonathan Pryor, brother of Joseph and William Pryor, early settlers (ca. 1830) in Van Buren County [then including Bates/Vernon. My William married Surilda Wright, daughter of Hardin and Elizabeth Wright of the same area in 1849-50. Their children: Sophia Jane 1850, James (J.C.), 1852, and William (J. W.), 1854. Surilda married William Willoughby 1858 at Balltown.

Seek my William's date of death and burial. It seems he died 1855-57. A family story says he was a lawman and his horse without rider came into town and he was later found shot to death. -- James Bowman, 1956 N. 3060 W, Clinton, UT 84015, e-mail jbowman259@aol.com.

(A photo of an elderly William Pryor and wife was given to the Museum years ago by Bill Ridgway, with the info that he lived in Nevada before the Civil War and was a deputy sheriff before 1900. Obviously he was not killed.)

Ortner - William Ortner died Dec. 1, 1905. In 1908 Eva had a home at 416 N. Main. Living with her were William's widow Lottie, children Lorne and Sydney, both students. When William died he left some minor children, so his probate records should provide considerable info on his estate. -- James, e-mail Tanner@CO.DAKOTA.MN.US. MN, US. (This info was supplied.)

Ebert - My great-grand-uncle William E. Ebert lived in, Nevada and is buried in Newton Cemetery, died 1928. His wife Flora Susan also was buried there. Would like a search of probate files, obituaries, and photos of cemetery and grave markers. They lived at 219 W. Arch. I would also like a photo of the house, if still there. -- William "Bill" E. McAllister, 14005

Sparkling Cove Lane, Windermere FL 34786, e-mail Ratzfahr@aol.com, cell (321) 0230-1354, day fax (407) 217-2418. (Requests were fulfilled).

Meadows/Jones- Searching for my great great grandparents. Abraham Meadows (1838-1909). and wife Josephine Jones (1840-after 1910) lived in Drywood Twp. Ca. 1860-1910. They had 10 children, and were my grandparents. Seeking any family still living in MO-KS. -- Carol Wilcoxen, e-mail CQuilters61@Gmail.com. (Info was supplied.)

Smith/Wait(e) - My great-grandmother was Hinda (Wait) Smith, born 1853 Ohio, died 1911 Vernon County, buried Deepwood Cemetery. My great-grandfather Charles P. Smith was born Ohio 1849, last listed in census in Richland Twp. Hinda last listed as widow 1910 Badger Twp. My other great grandfather was Perry Commodore Kidd, born Ky. 1832, died 1904 Sheldon. Seek graves or burial records. -- Monte Faler, 1705 West Calle Del Norte, Chandler Az. 85224-5132, email ncc1701m1@cox.net.

Ainsworth/France - I found two probate listings that I am interested in obtaining: Joel H. Ainsworth and F. C. France. -- Charmie Blanc, 2300 Rincon de Amigos, Las Cruces N.M. 88012. (Selected material from the probate records was furnished, also 1903 Schell City plat.)

Flake/King - Seeking any info on Sarah E. Flake/King, third wife of August King of Moundville. They are buried at Welborn Cemetery north of Moundville. I would like to contact anyone who knows her family. -- Reba Rouse, 50 South Highway NN, Liberal MO 64762, phone (417) 843-2188.

Mobley/Lancaster - I was wondering if the Historical Society has any photos of H. P. (Hazel Petree) Mobley, a farmer, grocer, justice of the peace, and/or any members of his family. His daughter Julia Sophia married John Thaddeus Lancaster, and their family lived at 205 E. Cherry, where Mobley originally had his store. -- Betty Nocks Devine, Boulder Co, beindevine@gmail,com. (No photos, but we have his probate record.)

Starr - I am looking at a record on your website that shows info about Matthew W. Starr being deceased in 1957. Do you have records such as a death certificate to back up that info? Where did you get it? It said Matthew W. Starr was born Nevada 1957. -- Matt Starr, mstarr@kc.rr.com. (This was a probate established for guardianship of a minor child, one year old, not a death.)

Richardson - Am unable to find a listing in the Cemetery Directory for J.H. Richardson, my great-grandfather, though his death certificate states "Click Cemetery." Is there no stone? Seek to know if he was buried with Dian and the child Forest. -- Dorothy R. Kaufman, 18717 Mill Villa Rd., No. 305, Jamestown Ca. 95327, phone (209) 694-8861.