Tickets from March 8 and 9

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

March 8

Hollis D. Walker, Lamar, expired license plates, and no proof of insurance.

Joseph G. Zuzul, Nevada, defective equipment.

March 9

Makenzie D. Fast, Nevada, speeding 41/30.

Mark E. Gage, Nevada, speeding 41/30.

Kevin D. George, Nevada, speeding 26/15.

Nathan L. Gicante, Rich Hill, driving while revoked, and driving while intoxicated.

Alexandra A. Johnson, Nevada, speeding 26/15.

Jacob D. Lukefahr, Perryville, Mo., failure to stop at a stop sign.

Christy L. Russell, Bronaugh, speeding 25/15.

Joanna J. Stevens, Lamar, no license plates.