Tickets from March 25-28

Thursday, April 9, 2009

March 25

Geraldine L. Prough, Schell City, seat belt law.

Justin M. Servos, Nevada, speeding 47/30.

Tisha A. Short, Neosho, following too close.

Debora K. Smith, Jerico Springs, seat belt law.

Justin M. Varner, El Dorado Springs, seat belt law.

March 26

Joshua R. Bogart, Nevada, seat belt law.

Trevor R. Callaghan, Nevada, driving while intoxicated, and seat belt law.

Joseph L. Herdliska, Nevada, seat belt law.

Victoria L. Ireland, Nevada, speding 25/15.

Brent A. Leonard, Nevada, seat belt law.

Rita L. Reed, Nevada, seat belt law.

Gary E. Sisseck, Nevada, seat belt law.

Robert D. Smith, Walker, expired license plates.

Kevin E. Williams, Nevada, two counts of failure to obey police officer, and following too close.

Jack E. Winter, Richards, following too close, and seat belt law.

March 27

Randy L. Bear, Nevada, expired license plates and seat belt law.

Georgia K. Bell, Nevada, speeding 40/30.

Richard L. Bozwoth Jr., Nevada, failure to stop at a stop sign.

William C. Cox, Nevada, failure to stop at a stop sign.

Jeffrey L. Fischer, Fort Scott, seat belt alw.

Bradley K. Gash, Nevada, failure to stop at a stop sign.

Bryant L. Getz-Peel, El Dorado Springs, expired license plates, and expired driver's license.

Jeffrey F. Kempker, Jefferson City, speeding 52/40.

Deborah A. Sisson, Nevada, seat belt law.

Carmen L. Villasuso, Nevada, no proof of insurance.

Forrest D. York, Coaldale, Colo., speeding 56/40.

March 28

Steven A. Adcox, Winchester, Kan., seat belt law.

Patrick A. Crews, Nevada, dog running at large.

Josh A. Cussimonio, Nevada, seat belt law.