Skelton speaks on economy, housing

Friday, April 10, 2009

Congressman Ike Skelton visited the Nevada Housing Authority offices at Crawford House Monday afternoon and spoke about the current economic crisis and what the future might hold.

Skelton said this was a period unique in American history.

"We find our country in uncharted territory," Skelton said. "We've never had a recession at the same time we're involved in two overseas conflicts."

Skelton said that the legislation recently passed was intended to get the economy improving and stop the recession.

"In regard to the economy and what we're doing to get it back on track, the legislature on three occasions passed legislation that should get it back on track," Skelton said.

Skelton recalled a past Democratic president faced with economic decline who called on the nation to put its shoulder to the wheel and work its problems out.

"As Franklin Roosevelt said, "'All we have to fear is fear itself,'" Skelton said.

Skelton related a story about a trip to St. Louis where he decided to get a shoe shine from a stand at the airport to illustrate the need for incentives.

"I sat down and beside me was a sign that said 'Regular shine, $2.50. My best shine, $3.50.' I asked the man what the difference was and he said, 'My attitude,'" Skelton said. "We all need to do our best. America has always come through and it will again."

Skelton said young people deserve the same chance others had and that was one reason we needed to improve the economy.

"We need to give young people the same opportunities others have had," Skelton said. "They deserve to have a chance as well."

Skelton said he supported the mission of the Nevada Housing Authority and the work the staff was doing.

"I'm a strong supporter of affordable housing and these folks are doing a fine job providing it," Skelton said.

After concluding his speech, Skelton walked around the room, speaking to the public, the residents and board members who gathered to hear him and sat and talked with them until it was time to move on to Blue Springs in the northernmost section of the 4th District, which consists of 25 counties and stretches from Blue Springs to Lamar and from Nevada to Jefferson City.

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