Tickets June 13-22

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

June 13

Robert V. Jadlot III, Walker, failure to remain stopped, and driving while revoked.

June 14

Samuel O. Eaves, El Dorado Springs, expired license plates.

June 15

Janean M. Garrett, Kansas City, Mo., driving while suspended.

Leah D. Threlkeld, Nevada, dog running at large.

June 16

Daniel W. Armstrong, Nevada, expired license plates, no proof of insurance, driving while suspended.

Dillon L. Reed, Nevada, careless and imprudent driving.

June 17

Necole L. Brown, Milo, seat belt law.

Jacob T. Cherry, Nevada, no proof of insurance.

Jesse L. Cordova, Nevada, speeding 41/30.

Ashley N. Gage, Nevada, no dog tag.

Jamie K. Putnam, Nevada, no proof of insurance.

Eric L. Sikes, Nevada, failure to yield right of way.

Roger L. Wallis, Ukiah, Calif., improper lane change.

Mindy M. Warner, Nevada, no proof of insurance

June 18

Tracy L. Doughty, Nevada, improper backing.

Bobbie Estes, Nevada, dog running at large.

June 19

Billie K. Basinger, Harwood, expired license plates.

Elizabeth E. Eberhard, Nevada, failure to remain stopped.

Eugene N. Troll, Deerfield, improper lane use.

Robert Wagers, Nevada, dog running at large.

June 20

Joel S. Rose, Cassville, Mo., speeding 40/30.

Charity A. Ross, Pittsburg, Kan., failure to register vehicle.

June 21

Chad A. Butler, Richards, driving while intoxicated.

Jeremy Maples, Nevada, driving while revoked, and no proof of insurance.

Lacey N. Wyatt, Nevada, expired license plates, and seat belt law.

June 22

Staci M. Werkmeister, Lamar, speeding 41/30, and no proof of insurance.