Letter to the Editor

Wells resignation was justified

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Dear Editor:

Observations from an "Outsider" (one who lives outside Nevada and has no voice in its government) might bring some light to an "issue" that has generated some heat.

In the recent issue reporting the resignation of Tim Wells from the city council, one of the members was quoted in a way that seemed quite critical of Tim and did not tell the whole story. No information from his letter, asking to be relieved of the elected responsibility, was included. A copy of his letter is attached and I ask that it be printed to let him speak to his reason for making that request.

Our nation is involved in two wars which have brought a unique set of circumstances to the type of injuries suffered. Explosive devices have been the weapon of choice in many cases. Those wounded by these devices experience concussion and head trauma unparalleled, at least in number, in other wars. Bullet wounds, broken bones and other similar injuries are evident and can be treated with some success. Injuries to the brain, nervous system and to the psyche of a soldier are less apparent, much more complex and much more expensive to treat. In some cases reported in the news, these symptoms show up later and can be seen as insubordination, failure to do duties, and other behaviors that hinder the effectiveness of the individual. Such individuals are subject to court martial and can be dishonorably discharged, removing them from any recourse to treatment.

It seems that we are just beginning to discover the uniqueness of this particular problem and military authorities are trying to bring resources to help deal with that aspect of the problems caused by such a war. A Civil War General observed, "war is hell" and we will be reaping the consequences of these injuries for generation as families, children try to adjust to changes brought on to their loved ones.

It has been my privilege as a pastor, with some training in counseling, to see what can occur when individuals experience a level of confusion, depression that disrupts their ability to function. Though our training warned us that we could not provide the needed help for severe problems, our task was to refer them to professionals: psychologists, psychiatrists, and let them deal with long-term problems. Some incidents proved to me how a little help at the right time brings remarkable healing. A teen experienced the trauma of seeing the death of his father occur suddenly and under vivid conditions. His mother told of recurring dreams, nightmares that were troubling him. She brought him to me for help. I could do little except let him describe what was happening, show my concern and offer support. She later reported that ended the severe disruption to his sleep. I am sure the now mature man remembers the death of his father, but facing his experience and the resulting fears, eased the problem.

It has also been my privilege to observe Tim Wells as a professional in a situation where an individual was troubled by events. Tim was able to observe what was happening and make a few short comments that summed up the problem and moved the group involved toward a solution. He is uniquely trained and qualified to help those caught in "the hell" of war. Let us release him for that service to those who have been wounded in our service. There are others who can help Nevada run its daily affairs, but we need more "Tims" to answer the call he feels from God and his country to help meet the needs of our "wounded protectors."

A comment to the news people of our community might be in order. In the past, I have felt some reporting of city actions was skewed, though I am glad they are there to watchdog for the rest of us. Maybe a little more judgment in being sure all information is shared and a chance to let others reflect on what they say, rather than catch them in the "heat of a moment" that reflects an unreal conflict is worthy of our community's overall good.

Lester Thornton, A Vernon County resident who appreciates Nevada, its resources and all who seek to make it a better community for all us.

Wells letter of resignation

Dear Mayor and fellow Council Members:

With this letter, I hereby submit my resignation as City Councilman effective Aug. 1, 2009, to allow me time to pursue the needs of our military servicemen and women and their families. My time spent in this work has heightened my understanding of the great need that has been created by their sacrifice for our country.

I appreciate the confidence of the citizens of Nevada in my ability to serve you as your councilman. I wish you good luck and continued success in the progress of our city toward the future. It has been a privilege to serve the city and to serve with you all.


Timothy L. Wells Pastor Disciples Christian Church