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Thursday, Aug. 25, 2016

Stocking up on Memories

Thursday, September 17, 2009

I just turned off a news program on the television. I usually want to hear what is going on in the world and what is being done about it. I also usually like to hear the words of our leaders, to either applaud or be concerned. But today, I just turned it all off. I will read about any news later. I will probably hear it rehashed several times again today, but right now I don't want to listen anymore.

Something else very important is going on that demands my interest. It may not continue very long and it is necessary that I become a part of the event.

The fields have blossomed almost overnight in my favorite bright yellow flowers that I call Spanish Blossoms. These abundant, miniature sunflowers spring up each autumn any place that has not been mowed recently. The country roads are lined with their cheerful welcoming nods in the wind. Pastures are outlined in yellow where the mower or animal appetites have not kept the plants from maturing. Even spots that have been mowed recently will have tiny yellow blossoms near the ground as the flower is determined to proclaim its presence.

I often feel that this flower has the power to charge me up for the winter soon to come. The sight of the bright fields gives my batteries the boost they will need to carry me over until the yellows of spring make their appearance in the daffodils and day lilies.

So, I must go outside today and leave the matters of the world to those who don't have this opportunity to be a part of a glorious yellow world. The sun is out, the temperature is pleasant and I must join the squirrels and birds that share my joy in the outdoors today.

Yesterday, I enjoyed being outside too, but I enjoyed it from the seat of a riding mower. Today I want to just sit and look, or at the most, walk leisurely where I can see more and more of the blossoms. While I am sitting I know I will have an opportunity to watch some of our big grass carp also leisurely moving around in our pond.

If I am lucky, the big blue heron will visit the pond as well and since I will be sitting quietly, he will not be disturbed by my presence and may even come near me.

One of my fond memories from childhood happened on a day I was home from school with some mild illness. My mother put me in a chair, in the sun, at the bottom of the back steps. I was wrapped in a blanket and was in her sight as she worked in the kitchen. The quiet neighborhood and the feel of the sun on my face after having been in bed for several days made me feel that everything was really great. I don't know how long my mother allowed me to bask in the sun, but the memory has warmed me for over 70 years.

That same warmth is waiting for me today. I won't need the blanket to keep me warm and I won't have a mother watching out the door for me, but I will have the millions of yellow Spanish Blossoms smiling at me. Along with that experience will be the memories of all the years I have been privileged to see such beauty.

It doesn't really matter what the news was. No matter how terrible it might have been, I know that today was a day to cherish. And I know that if I am around next fall when the Spanish Blossoms bloom, I will share a day with them again.

Carolyn Gray Thornton
Middle Age Plus