Letter to the Editor

Protesters behaved hypocritically and unethically

Friday, December 4, 2009

Dear Editor :

I am outraged at the "protest" held outside Nevada High School on Tuesday, Nov. 24. My (or anyone's) stance on the abortion/pro-life debate is NOT the issue here.

One of the advantages of living in a small town is that people are good and decent. Our kids are mostly allowed to BE kids -- innocent of adult issues and concerns until they are mature enough to understand them.

Tuesday afternoon, I picked up my daughter at Truman and was slowed down by the inevitable traffic at dismissal time. My eight-year-old daughter saw something different -- several people standing on the high school corner on Ashland, holding posters: One-was a horribly graphic photo. I am sure I was not the only parent being asked what THAT was -- after all, who is more curious than a child?

Children in the elementary grades are, in my opinion, too young to know what abortion is. The slogans on the signs alone could invoke discussions that would be VERY appropriate -- talking at a kid's level of understanding with their parents. The photos cancel that out.

I had the idea that the group involved in this "protest" was very protective of children in particular, and innocence in general. I thought that graphic depictions are immoral and unacceptable to them, given the recent protests of certain video stores. I guess this is not the case.

Yes, high school-age kids know what abortion is, and are of an age where they SHOULD be informed and making a decision on the issue. Yet, the most graphic display was placed where the youngest children would see it.

Yes, they were, as the news reported, "dispersed". But the damage was done -- they even got front-page coverage. These protesters were behaving hypocritically and unethically. There are better ways to use the First Amendment than to intentionally horrify a child. Shame on you!

Jennifer Jones,