Arnold retires from guard

Wednesday, December 9, 2009
Brigadier General David Irwin heads the guest list at a celebration of Frank Arnold's 41 years of service to the National Guard Saturday morning. Irwin detailed many of Arnold's accomplishments and praised his dedication during the ceremony. --Photos by Steve Moyer/Daily Mail

Frank Arnold is well-known around Nevada. During Bushwhacker Days Arnold plays a major part in organizing and coordinating the effort. During car shows people can expect to see Arnold's fire engine red 1948 Ford half-ton pickup on display. Recently Arnold added artist to his resume, he just finished painting a rendition of a Missouri National Guard Minuteman posed in front of a flag in the shape of the map of Missouri on the floor of the National Guard Armory on West Cherry.

Arnold is a 41-year veteran of the Missouri National Guard and retired in August as first sergeant, a rank he held for two decades as a shop supervisor for the Guard and now works part time as head of maintenance at the Nevada armory. Saturday morning he was honored by Brigadier General David Irwin, commander of the 35th Engineer Brigade of the Missouri National Guard, for his years of service.

Irwin praised Arnold for his service, and for his willingness to help both his superiors and those he led. Irwin also praised Arnold's wife Pat, as well as the friends and families of National Guard members.

Saturday, Brigadier General David Irwin hands Frank Arnold's wife, Pat, a certificate for the many years she has helped and encouraged Frank in his four decades of service as a National Guardsman during a ceremony in the National Guard Armory on West Cherry.

"The Guard wouldn't be able to do what it does without the families who contribute so much to make this a success," Irwin said as he passed a certificate to Pat.

Through more than four decades of service, Arnold has been on humanitarian missions from New Orleans to Guatemala, and on engineering projects from Alaska to Germany. Despite his years of service and the miles he's traveled, Arnold has never deployed on a combat mission.

Arnold had some advice for those still serving, be careful of who you antagonize; it may come back to haunt you.

Members of the National Guard prepare for a retirement ceremony for Frank Arnold at the National Guard Armory on West Cherry Street Saturday. Although retired since August, Arnold still works part-time at the armory as the head of maintenance. One of the latest actions Arnold took was to paint the figure of a Minuteman on the floor of the Armory.

"You have to be careful. I started out as a private in a company with another private," Arnold said. "Later I came back into that company as first sergeant and he was the captain. You never know when you will see someone again."

Arnold said he would miss many things after his retirement, too many things to list.

"I've been a Soldier most of my life -- all my adult life," Arnold said. "There are more things than I can say that I will miss."

After the official ceremony, many of those attending stayed on to partake of the refreshments provided.

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