Tickets Dec. 1-7

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Dec. 1

Dustin A. Huffman, Lexington, Mo., speeding 27/15 and no proof of insurance.

Darron W. Johnston, Nevada, driving while revoked.

Dec. 2

Anthony S. Buckner, Sheldon, borrowed/stolen plates and expired license plates.

Chelsea A. Hood, Nevada, failure to register motor vehicle and no valid operator's license.

Timothy D. Richmond, Nevada, speeding 41/30.

Dec. 3

Mayleen Honson, Nevada, trespassing.

Nancy McMillan, Topeka, Kan., speeding 57/40.

Anna S. Messick, Nevada, speeding 45/30 and no proof of insurance.

Lisa D. Miller, Nevada, dog attacking domestic animal.

Randy R. Northup, Nevada, no valid operator's license and no proof of insurance.

Delbert Phillips, Nevada, speeding 44/30.

Dec. 4

Jackie Allen, Nevada, driving while intoxicated.

Sarah A. Armstrong, Nevada, driving while suspended.

Lucas J. Clark, Nevada, failure to stop at a stop sign.

Ashley L. Hamilton, Nevada, driving while suspended.

Dec. 5

Catherine J. Carroll, Nevada, speeding 58/40.

Tucker D. Ewing, Nevada, speeding 56/40.

Lea A. Foster, Osceola, speeding 59/40.

Justin McIntyre, Lockwood, expired license plates and no proof of insurance.

Christopher F. Thomas, Milo, expired license plates.

Dec. 6

Kerry J. Blanchard, Lamar, speeding 51/40.

Kenneth N. Butler Jr., Nevada, expired license plates.

Roy A. Deneve, Nevada, failure to maintain lane and driving while intoxicated.

James W. Edwards, Jerico Springs, expired license plates and no proof of insurance.

Bradley A. Guinn, Nevada, expired license plates.

Sonia L. Hacker, Nevada, failure to obey no turn sign and seat belt law.

Scott D. Hill, Richards, speeding 45/30.

James B. Livengood, Nevada, speeding 42/30.

James W.L. Martin, Independence, failure to stop at a stop sign.

Clifton M. Mason, Nevada, speeding 41/30.

Michelle A. MaIntire, Climax Springs, Mo., speeding 55/40.

Lacy J. Michael, Ottawa, Kan., speeding 60/40.

Dennis B. Turner Jr., Nevada, speeding29/15

Dec. 7

Alaina M. Anderson, Sheldon, expired license plates.

Tracy A. Bissell, Nevada, expired license plates.

Jessica M. Cox, Nevada, expired license plates.

Benjamin M. Delgado III, Nevada, no license plates.

Cynthia J. Dorman, Nevada, expired license plates and expired operator's license.

Jason D. Hale, Lowry City, Mo., speeding 41/30, expired license plates, borrowed plates/stolen plates, and drivingwhile suspended.

Kimberly A. Hunter, Butler, speeding 41/30.

James S. Ogle, Milo, expired license plates.

Cheyanne K. Shepherd, Nevada, speeding 27/15.